A press release issued by the Human Rights and Development Organization

A press release issued by the Human Rights and Development Organization


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The world is facing a major health crisis, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and everyone has taken preventive measures to cope with the spread, but it managed from countries that neglected the lives of people, despite the great health potential they possess, but they have so far been unable to stop its spread.

Many countries resorted to prohibiting population movements, closing shops and releasing detainees from prisons, but they were late, at some time, and for this we call on the Yemeni political parties to sense responsibility for people’s lives, and to take more precautionary measures, such as releasing detainees from prisons, Before this virus spreads, and is difficult to control later.

The current global situation, especially in Yemen, does not allow gatherings, especially in prisons that are filled with tens of thousands of the oppressed, which represents a great danger to their lives, and to the lives of their families, in addition to the lives of the authorities in those areas.

The Yemeni parties should neutralize this file from the political conflict, and not use it to achieve political gains of any kind, and work to speed the release of all the kidnappers and prisoners, as important proactive actions to confront the spread of the Corona virus.

We call on the Houthis in particular, not to deal with this dangerous situation, which suffers from the world, and to bargain with the lives of the captives and the kidnappers, with the aim of obtaining international recognition of them, and to neutralize the file from the political file, and accelerate the release of prisoners according to their obligations to international institutions.

* The Tihama Organization for Human Rights and Development